The Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal – A Look at the Risks!

While laser hair removal is a treatment that is gaining enormous popularity as of late, the side effects from it aren’t covered as much as the success stories in the media! Getting rid of your unwanted body hair permanently after getting a few laser treatments. It sounds too good to be true. But is it? With many people, the treatment is performed by a qualified person and the end results are pleasing. But a small minority of people have the unfortunate damages and side effects from laser treatment gone wrong. I have compiled a list of the most common injuries caused by hair removal laser surgery.

1. Eye Injury

The lasers used in the treatment are very hazardous to the human eye. Both patient and doctor must be wearing protective eyegear throughout the entire procedure. The eyegear must be specific to the wavelength of the laser that is used. Exposure of the human eye to these lasers may cause blindness!

2. Blistering Of The Skin

Laser hair removal surgery works by heating up the hair follicles that need to be destroyed. If done incorrectly or too frequently, 613 blonde wig too much heat damage can be done. This can result in painful blistering. Thanks to modern technology, there are now cooling techniques available that will cool down the skin and protect it from blistering. A contact chill tip or a freezing spray will cause tissue cooling, protecting the dermis from thermal abuse.

3. Post Treatment Reddening

Your skin may get red after having had a laser treatment. This is only a minor side effect. It can be prevented by using tissue cooling and by limiting the exposure time of the skin to the laser during the treatment.

4. Hypo Pigmentation

This means lightening of the skin. People with dark skin are at higher risk of developing this, especially when multiple laser treatments are performed. Luckily, this effect only lasts a little while. However, permanent lightening of the skin has been observed on occasion. Alexandrite, ruby and YAG lasers are mostly responsible for this side effect.

5. Infection Of Wounds

It is rare for your skin to develop wounds and infections after having received laser hair reduction treatment. But it can happen sometimes. In this case, use anti viral or antibiotic medication to combat the infection.

6. Scars From The Laser

People with tans or naturally darker skins are at higher risk of developing injuries and scars from laser treatment. This used to happen a lot more often in the old days. These days, laser technology has improved and the chances of getting laser scarring have decreased a lot.

7. Darkening Of Tattoos

If there are tattoos in the area where you will get laser treatment, there is a risk that your tattoo will become darker. Discuss this with the practicing doctor before undergoing the laser hair removal surgery.

8. Skin Crusting

Around 10% of clients who have gotten long pulsed treatment with ruby or alexandrite lasers, can develop crusting of the skin. This usually happens when a certain area is repeatedly treated with the laser. Should this happen to you, you must get medical care to ensure this problem does not get out of hand and cause you more trouble.

9. Skin Darkening

Sometimes, hyper pigmentation occurs after your skin has been exposed to lasers. This can happen with any type of laser. In this situation, the skin becomes darker because it reacts with an increase in pigment deposition. When you have a tan, you are at a higher risk of developing this. Usually, this doesn’t last very long. For those who want to be rid of it more quickly, bleaching materials may be used.


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