Hey San Diego, Cosmetic Surgery on Your Mind?

Once upon a time, it seems only Hollywood stars or exceedingly wealthy, pampered egoists ever even thought about enhancing their physical appearance through cosmetic surgery – but that’s far from the case, today. Here in the 21st Century, excellent cosmetic surgery is so readily and affordably available that it’s the rare person who hasn’t considered a little “nip” here or “tuck” there to correct minor physical flaws.

You may wonder whether you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery because of a personal preference to improve some physical trait, or because social pressure is making you feel somehow inadequate. Often both issues motivate the decision.

Consider the following patient stories – have you ever felt about some aspect of your body the way these people felt?

Roger, a handsome businessman, didn’t like the toll gravity and aging were taking on his body. The wrinkles and loose skin weren’t in sync with his youthful mental outlook. Like most boomers, he’s enjoying longer life expectancy and embracing an active lifestyle. Roger’s neck bothered him the most so he had a neck lift and eliminated his “turkey waddle”.

Cheri and Ruth are dear friends who do everything together. During one trip to the mall, they discovered that each one had her own “little black dress issue.” Cheri’s skirt glided perfectly over her tall, thin frame but she didn’t fill out the top the way she wanted. Ruth filled out the top just fine, but she felt the skirt was too tight over her hips and thighs. Their solution turned out to be a breast enlargement for Cheri and a tummy tuck and liposuction for Ruth. Can guess how they celebrated after surgery? With another
trip to the mall, of course, to outfit their new, improved bodies. top surgery

Mary said, “I haven’t worn a swim suit since thirty pounds ago.” You may dread the approach of summer, too – no shorts, no bathing suits, no tank tops – which means no poolside frolics, no beach vacations, no Caribbean cruises…. The list goes on and on. Mary decided to take action. She combined dieting and liposuction to get herself in shipshape condition for a fun-filled summer.

Susan’s reaction to her high school class reunion invitation was, “Ohmygod, I can’t go looking like this!” Instead of tossing the invitation, Susan used the event as a catalyst for the facial rejuvenation surgery she’d been thinking about for years. She went to her reunion with a bounce in her step and her head held
high and looking mighty fine.

Maggie looked at pictures of herself and cringed. She saw someone who looked worried, tired and angry – none of which reflected how she really felt inside. Maggie opted for eyelid surgery to her upper and lower eyes, had her forehead treated with Botox® and then declared, “I’m getting a portrait taken on my sixtieth birthday.”

Brian, a high school senior, came in with his mother saying that his protruding ears had bothered him for years. He had an ear pining procedure called otoplasty and went off to college feeling more confident and self-assured.

We’ve all heard that the only constant in life is change – and life changes may be why you are considering cosmetic surgery. Sally’s upcoming marriage prompted her to get the breast augmentation she’d wanted for years. Mike’s divorce motivated him to have the “nose job” he’d always wanted – and now his picture on an internet dating site shows him at his new best.


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