Tipping in the Maldives

The culture of tipping in the Maldives has changed over the last few years, as the Maldives has grown as a tourist destination. You also cannot be completely certain that the 10% service charge is passed on to the staff and this is where the confusion starts. jeddahvape

The currency for the Maldives is the rufiyaa, but as most holiday makers use US Dollars when in the Maldives, this is generally the currency used when tipping in the Maldives. There are a number of ways you can tip. Many people like to tip on a weekly basis, some everyday, others like to wait until the end of their holiday. Each has its merits and will not affect the service you receive, which will be nothing short of excellent. However, please be aware that your last day may coincide with time off for some of the staff you plan to tip, or that you may leave before they come on duty, so do take this into account. sob-bau

Resorts will leave a staff tipping box out. This is normally found in the reception area or one of the main restaurants or bars. In the Maldives staff outnumber guests by almost 2 to 1 and in some 5* resorts by up to 5 to 1. it is for the unseen staff that this tipping box is for, after all, although you may not see them, they are all there helping the resort to function smoothly and efficiently. As a guide $10 to 20 per week is a good amount to put in the box for these unseen members of staff. odozapato

Other members of staff will give you good service throughout your stay and I would recommend tipping them either $1 to $2 per day, or $10 to $20 per week. These will include waiters, chefs, bar staff. Dive boat crew and Spa staff would usually be $5 to $10 dollars per trip / treatment. Porters should be tipped around $1 to $2 dollars per bag. You don’t have to tip the taxi drivers unless they go above and beyond or handle your bags, if this is the case then $2 to $5 is appropriate.

To sum up tipping in the Maldives, please leave a tip in the staff box for those unseen members of staff that work hard to make the resort run smoothly. Give personal tips to those members of staff who have made your holiday special. rtp500


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