The Case for Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts and their benefits

Soft tip darts are very versatile in the fact that they can be played with in pubs or at home. These darts are manufactured using soft plastic tips which are much safer to play with. ternak303

Soft tip darts are manufactured using the three most common materials in their production being, nickel-silver, brass and tungsten. The most popular dart type is the tungsten darts. This is a dense metal allowing the darts to have smaller diameter of the same weight. There are tungsten darts made with 70%-98% tungsten.

Manufacturers find working on nickel-silver alloys and brass easier than with tungsten, hence they are available in wider groups of varieties. Tungsten soft tip darts are more expensive to manufacture than brass ones but because they are smaller in diameter it’s easier to navigate and play with. As soft tip darts are prone to spring often the 80% tungsten soft tip darts are less likely to crack from falling down. tips303

The darts and shafts are sold in sets of three and most dart tips are compatible. Manufacturers alter the accessories and packaging regularly. There are various dartboard options available such as:

Traditional Dartboards- This is known as a bristle dartboard and is commonly found in pubs and bars. These use the darts with a steel tip and require manual scoring most often with a chalk board.

Electronic Dartboards- These dartboards serve multiple purposes such as keeping score automatically as well as having several built-in games to pick from as well as using the soft tip darts.This is an alternative to the traditional dartboard. The soft tip dartboard is like any regular board. Dartboards can be found in varying sizes and shapes from the regular round to square and diamond shaped. Others are for perfect for small spaces and available in lots of colours, designs and themes.  ternakslot100

Why pick an electronic dartboard?

The electronic dartboard has many advantages allowing its popularity to grow. Some of these include:

1) Safety is the main advantage. The  dartboards work best if traditional darts are used. Traditional darts are produced with sharp metal tips in order to pierce the bristle board. These darts may injure small children as well as damage surrounding walls. Whereas with an electronic dartboard, soft tip darts are used allowing for better safety. There is no chance of kids getting hurt as with steel tipped darts.

2) Ready score. Electronic boards keep score of the various players automatically. It is perfect when playing against multiple opponents, as it leaves no room for disputes. The score tracking process with traditional boards are manual making it more time consuming and tedious. kotodama

3) Excellent features. Electronic dartboards also include features that are not found with bristle dartboards such as stored games in memory, switching from one player to another, sounds and even LED display. There are AC adapters and batteries allowing the board to be quite mobile.


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