Finding Ideas and Inspiration For Your Articles Or Blog

I can understand completely how a writer, even a really creative and adrenaline-pumped blog writer or freelance writer, can just run dry on ideas. It can come to you….just like that! Out of the blue. It’s just like waking up and asking yourself, “Hey, where’d my nose go?” Experienced freelance writers, web content producers or blog writers know that writing is a little bit like Kung-Fu. You have to keep at it, ideasandmindkeep practicing and also never let your own head get too big.

For example, sometimes people load praises on you so much that you think you’re right there at the top with the big timers. So, when the writer’s block hits you, you don’t quite know where to place your pride and yet….you’d rather be hammered to death than admit that you’ve run out of ideas. The ugly head of ‘writer’s block’ invites a terrible monster and by then, writing, instead of bringing you joy, becomes a miserable chore.

Whenever I run out of ideas, here’s what I do….I blog-hop! Yup, I hop from one blog to another, reading into the lives of these bloggers in hope that their positive (or negative, depending on what blog you’re reading) vibes will rub off on me. It helps too if you keep a notepad, a laptop, palmtop (or whatever else that you can keep close to you all the time) with you so that when the mind idles and wander off, you can pull that equipment out and start jotting down ideas and topics that you can write about. ideashackers

I find headlines and news to be of incredible help to me, as far as finding ideas for a blog topic or an article in concerned. It doesn’t have to DIRECTLY relate to what you’re writing about, you see. It’s almost like finding a similarity between the two, your article/topic and the news and headlines. I don’t know if I am actually making sense to you but it helps me, so, I’m just sharing this with you.

In the toilet…or while having a nice, calming drink after work…take the time to look around you and actually see the things around you. You’ll be surprised at how your creative juices can be jolted alive by the simplest things in life….like, a frog jumping in the garden, or your kids playing the piano, or the flailing curtails flapping its tails in the breeze.


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