Grand Canyon Tips: 5 Ways to Get the Best Tours at the Cheapest Price

You can tour the Grand Canyon any time of the year, but now the weather is ideal for sightseeing, so you should start planning your helicopter or airplane tour soon. You’ll have lots of choices and options when you book your tour, and these 5 tips will help you plan a great time.

Buy Your Tour Online For The Best Price

The best way to buy your tour of the Canyon is to do it online. When you book your tour yourself online, you’ll cut out commissions from travel agents and sales persons, puertomaldonadotours so the price will be lower. Since you can save up to 35 percent off the retail price of your tour, it pays to avoid buying through a travel agent. Buying your tour online is quick and easy, and your seats will be instantly locked in for the day of your tour.

Secure Your Seats With A Credit Card

Booking online means you pay for the tour at the time with your credit card. Buying with your credit card is how you get the low Internet price, and even better, your seats will be secured so you won’t have to be worried about a sold out tour. Also, the tour price is all-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for fees or taxes when you arrive for your tour. You should try to book your tour about two weeks in advance if you can so you get the best price and widest selection. If you wait too long to book your tour, sport tape the price will probably be higher if you can even find any available seats.

Consider Booking The Airplane Tour

An airplane tour is the ideal option when you have a limited budget or when you want to go with a large group of people on the same tour. You can book an airplane tour to either the South or West Rim. The South Rim tour can be upgraded to include a 4×4 ground tour of the Canyon. You can also add on an exciting helicopter flight from the South Rim to the North Rim and back.

Add A Float Tour Of The Colorado River

The Colorado River flows through the Canyon and makes an ideal setting for a raft tour, and one of the options you have is to take a tour package from Vegas that includes a bus ride to the South Rim for a floating tour along the river. These tours stay on the smooth water section of the river, so kids and seniors can enjoy these relaxing and scenic tours as well. The raft tour includes stop offs at different beaches along the way so you can get out and stretch your legs and explore the area near the river bank.

Opt For The Deluxe Helicopter Tour

If you want to take a helicopter tour, then you should definitely consider upgrading to a deluxe tour. These tours utilize the advanced EcoStar 130 sightseeing helicopters. This helicopter has more room, is quieter, and has comfortable seating that is arranged stadium style for the best views. These helicopters also have 180 degree windshields, Jeeter so there are no obstructions as you view the Canyon below. In addition, the deluxe tours provide pick up and drop off service in a limousine and a flyover of the Vegas Strip. It’s a VIP experience that is worth the extra cost!


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