How to Increase Conversion Rates by Leveraging Google Analytics (1)

The Significance of Conversion rates

How can you increase your conversion rates on a consistent basis? It is one of the key determinants of how successful you become. Maybe thousands of people visit your blog/website weekly, congratulations. That is an awesome feat, kup opinie google seeing as traffic generation is one of the most arduous tasks. But are these visitors really spending time on the site, are they really doing what you want them to? Are they being converted into subscribers? Are they window-shopping or spending money? When 10 people visit, for example, how many buy your product and services? How many come back again and again?

Astrology and Wealth

Before we go deeper into plumbing how to increase conversion rates, kup komentarze google I must say that I find it difficult to believe that astrology is not a key part of the core-curriculum we internet marketers are required to master!Imagine how beautiful our bottom -lines (and lives) would be if we could predict the future. Before investing your time and money in that portal/blog/website that eventually failed-you would know. Before spending sleepless nights on that definitive 150 page e-book on” advanced pinging strategies”-you would know. Imagine how richer you would be by providing consulting services (on what the future holds) to millions of internet wealth seekers! And you can finally cast keyword research into the lake of fire. (I know you have been fantasizing on doing that… me too).

Cold reality

Well, let us stop dreaming; let us make the best use of what we have: marketing control systems. We all love and yearn for consistent and accurate feedback. We long to know if we are progressing or regressing. We are concerned with our return on investment. And we want to prove to our friends and foes that this “internet stuff” really works,right? That is why we plan; more info please visit:- or implement and then evaluate. We leverage the results to improve again and again. Thus through the feedback system, we improve key facets of our business. The operative word here is improve.

Google Analytics is an online feedback system. It helps us to track and test key variables of business success. Success requires mastering many factors. Google analytics helps us in the process of analyzing and evaluating key variables of our business, and thus determine how best to convert visitors to our blog/website to customers. (Yes, it is all about the moolah).I hope you are making a lot.If you want more you need to master conversion strategies.I have some resources that will help you make more from affiliate marketing on my blog.We will explore Google Analytics further in my next article.Till then keep your conversion rates high.


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