Things to Do in Oahu – Enjoying the Great Outdoors and the Natural Treasures

There is an absolute abundance of natural treasures just waiting to be explored and experienced on the magical island of Oahu in Hawaii. The third biggest island, known as ”The Gathering Place”, is the most visited island in Hawaii. Offering visitors the chance to experience the vibrancy of the dynamic capital city of Honolulu, before retreating into Mother Nature’s paradise of Waikiki, Oahu is truly in a class all on its own.

There are some many things to do in Oahu, that no matter what you thought you came for, you will find yourself looking for any reason not to leave. The heritage, the fascinating Polynesian culture, the history, the tranquility of the tropical paradise surroundings and the incredible beaches, are just a few of the glorious facets that make up resplendent Oahu. please visit best trolling battery center

The iconic land mark of Diamond Head, which is a national US monument and the most associated landscape with Hawaii, is part of a dramatic volcanic series falling gracefully as the backdrop to the effervescent city of Honolulu. One of the most famous and thrilling outdoor activities in Oahu is to hike up the paths to the very tip of the rim of the basin that is the Diamond Head. Although not a terribly strenuous hike, first timers are recommended to book hiking tour through a guide.

The North Shore of the island is known worldwide, as being the surfing Mecca of the world. With three of the biggest surfing competitions in the world held here every December, world famous surfers and their entourage, descend on the island over the festive season every year. Winter is also a favorite time for surfing competitions and there are some exclusive, invite only competitions held on the North Shore as well.

There is an abundance of exciting water sports and marine life encounters to be experienced in Waikiki Beach, Hanauma and Maunalua Bay and the ever-favorite Beach – Kailua Beach. There is wind surfing, parasailing, surfing, paddle surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, diving, fishing and paddle boating adventures just waiting to be experienced. Kailua Beach has often touted as Oahu’s best family beach, because of its barrier reef protection, the bay remains calm, with mild waves that are a complete contrast to its wild and raging counterpart on the North Shore, Sunset Beach.

Wildlife activities in Oahu are also plentiful. The Honolulu Zoo sweeps over more than 300 acres in the Royal Queen Kapi’olani Park. What started out as a humble public park donated to the people of his kingdom in 1876, King David Kalakaua continued to add exotic animals, species of birds and horses to his personal collection that he kept in the park. Now with just under 2000 animals living here, each with their very own habitat designed for their needs, the zoo receives a whopping number of visitors annually, more than 600,000 to be exact.

Honolulu is also one of the most magnificent places in the world to watch the whales as they migrate through the bay every year. An estimated 10,000 of these gentle giants migrate to the warm waters of the pacific every year between January and March to breed and give birth to their calves.

Retta Carl is a self proclaimed travel junkie. She has talked her husband Lyn into going many places during their marriage, but the place that keeps drawing them back over and over is Hawaii. A visit to the islands always feels as if they are going home.

Recently Retta has started writing about Hawaii on a new website, You can feel how much she love the islands by reading what she writes there and she shares some of the photos she has taken there over the years.

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