Digging the Latest With Digg iPhone App

Digg iPhone app lets you browse text, videos and images from the site itself. It also allows you to share the freshest news through several internet services. Here is a quick look at its features and interface.

The Features

With Digg iPhone app, you can:

• Discover the latest news in 24 hours
• Save stories that interest you
• Visit websites in an integrated browser
• Vote and comment on stories
• Interact with other Digg users
• Share the latest buzz through email, Facebook and Twitter
• Search Digg stories by relevance, count, and date
• Easily log-in to your Digg.com account
• Look for the freshest news by category (e.g. All of Digg, Technology, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Offbeat, Gaming, Lifestyle, and World & Business.)

The Interface

Upon opening the program, you will discover the latest news on Diggs. Three tabs show at the bottom part of the page and will allow you to visit the Top, Recent, and Upcoming news. A refresh button is also available to keep you updated on the freshest news from Diggs.com.

After viewing the story, you can immediately connect and leave comments at Digg by tapping on the upper right icon on the page. This will show you three tabs that are displayed by default on the screen. These tabs include: Top Comments, All Comments, and Related Stories. To start typing your comments, click on either hand icons found at the bottom part of the screen. This will lead you to a page where you can log in and gain access to your Digg account.

If you wish to save stories, simply click on the folder icon and it will immediately be stored in the application’s files. If you’re looking for something specific, just hit the search tab and key-in the news title.

Digg iPhone app offers a seamless web-browsing experience. It lets you view the most popular contents from the web, leave comments, and engage in friendly conversation with other Digg users.

The Downsides

Digg iPhone app provides generous information from various web sources. It’s also easy to use and navigate. However, it lacks the social graph features found at the main Digg site. Users are also not allowed to leave comments without signing up for an account. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in the future versions of the application. Overall, Digg is worth your download. After all, it keeps you informed at a price of free.




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