Is the World Going “For the Worse?”

This morning before I went to work I went for a cup of coffee to a cafe near the office I work in. After he served me, the bartender kept trying to find out the reason why I am so well disposed. I replied that there was no particular reason for it. Obviously, he didn’t believe me and kept asking me to tell him the reason because he wished to hear at least some good news for the day. He told me how depressed he was about this world going “for the worse” and that he is looking forward to every piece of good news to make him feel a little better.

When I asked him why he thought the world was “going for the worse”, he replied that it is enough to read the newspaper or watch the news on TV and see very clearly that something is happening to this world and that everything is going wrong.

He was so convinced of his attitude that I felt it was pointless to try and change the subject of our conversation. Besides, I had to go to the office, where my clients waited for me.

On my way to the office I began thinking about his views on life. He was completely convinced that what he had read in the papers or seen in the news was the only reality there is.

Be as it may, I was very surprised by his choice. Putting his own life at the mercy of news reporters who purposefully choose to fill newspapers and television news with information which is aimed at intimidating people and maintain fear levels only in order to keep as many viewers and readers as possible?

And pay them for it?!

I must admit that I even feel a sort of respect for editors of certain newspapers and TV news because they have practically brought the art of manipulation to virtual perfection.

But, no matter what we think about the matter, those editors and journalists are doing their jobs completely legally and they are trying to find the best ways to attract and keep their viewers and readers. It is not their fault that many people don’t even bother to think but just accept the information that is served them without any questions whatsoever.

No doubt, the world is going “for the worse”… for those who consume stories like that – stories filled with violence, deceit, and fear. As long as they accept this way of thinking and looking at the world, they really cannot except anything else.

Long ago, the ancient wise men have left us a message (and quantum physics has confirmed it) that our way of thinking causes the reality which we experience. We become that which we think about.

Our world can indeed go “for the worse” or “for the better”, but that is related to our way of thinking and looking at the world. In order to change our reality, it is necessary that we change the way we look at life and people around us, and that we become completely independent in our way of thinking and the process of forming our own attitudes.

Be brave and bold, and dare to think and talk about what you want and believe you are entitled to. It does not matter what others think about it. It does not matter what “the news” and “newspapers” say. Do not be afraid to ask what belongs to you. Even if nobody around you thinks this way, do not let that stop you. Everybody has a path of their own so you do not need to expect people to adapt to you.

Fear is man’s worst enemy. Nobody else has destroyed so many wonderful dreams as fear has done. Nobody ever destroyed so many wonderful opportunities as fear has done.

We become that which we think about – said Buddha several thousand years ago. Change your way of thinking and the world around you will change as well.

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