News Flash – Network Marketing Can Make You Go Blind?

Can you believe it? Network Marketing is actually making people go blind! They stop seeing the world! They see everyone as prospects, are unable to see the world as a regular person ever again!

Have you had this experience in Network Marketing? You knew a world that you thought was normal but when you got involved your entire way of viewing the world was totally different?

When I first got started in Network Marketing I viewed everyone as a prospect. I was just a big TALKING HEAD! I spent my time spinning my wheels and not having any real progress. More details please

What I learned with time was that I had to have the right vision for what I was doing in my business. It was my view of people that had a significant shift in what I believed. When I first started I believe EVERY SINGLE PROSPECT MATTER! I would follow up religiously, I would overcome objections, and in the end I would invest more in the prospect than they were investing in me!

“A Tiny Penny Held Close Enough to The Eye Can Block Out The Sun!!!!!!!”

This is the closest comparison I can make to my view of prospecting when someone is new. They take people and hold them SO CLOSE that they miss the fortunate right behind them!

They miss out of the real opportunity! There is millions of prospect and I attract all of them with ease! Yet, when you are new, you don’t view it like this at all!

So don’t let Network Marketing Blind You!

John T.S. Murphy- Is a home base business owner who teaches people “How To” break free of the 9 to 5 Lifestyle. He shows EXACTLY how you can work from home, call your own shots, and live the lifestyle of your dreams!

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