Is Success Defined by News Coverage at Your Passing?

Economy. Economy. Economy.

Seems that is all you hear about nowadays. Despite all the noise, what you need really to concentrate on is your personal economy. How is it doing?

I am not talking about material things either. Unless you have lost it all and have resorted to selling all your possessions, we submit that you will at least be holding on to what you have.

Now, if that is the case, and yes, some people are being forced to sell everything, but those are extreme cases. We will delve into those later. But if you find that you have a roof, food, transportation, and still your job, then what has happened to your personal economy?


We then need to look at the underlying reasons behind this stress you are feeling. Yes, we need to constantly be paying attention to our country. We do not want it to falter after being so great after only 233 years, yet all of that is another article also.

So this is why I say without any issues, that true success is doing what you want at any given time that makes you happy. Understand how open that statement is however. You can decide to do something in the short term to make you happy, but in the long term causes all kinds of problems. But at that moment, you were as successful and happy as you chose. But I digress.

The query that we are squeezing for answers now screams; what is success now? With the King of Pop, who easily could be claimed successful, is the outcome true success? While he could have had all the material things in the world, did he find happiness? Was he doing things that he decided to do or was he having things decided for him?

While we may never know the answers, the contemplation of today’s definition of success is an amazing thrill ride through interpretations aplenty. Some may say a house, cash, or kids. Some may say a husband or wife, or simply a lover. Some may think that it is a new car or new furniture. Some may say fame fortune and everything that goes with it.

While we must look inside ourselves for our own definition of success, we do all agree that we need the freedom to obtain that version of our success.

When you use the principles that are naturally ingrained in you before you were born, you can be anything you wish. You can have anything you wish.

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