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Everyone wants to succeed, but not many can agree on a definition of Success. I would like to add my two cents worth with some observations and thoughts on how to be “successful”.

If you feel you are not where you want to be or fed up with not having achieved the things you want- you are at a good point. You need to decide exactly what is it you want. If you don’t know what you want, you’ll probably never get it. The road to ruin is paved with good intentions and the paving stones are the excuses. Stop making excuses. Do something!

Map out a plan for success- in writing, with the, when, who and what questions answered. You need to take action and follow through with passion. Write down three personal development goals. At the beginning of each day ask yourself “What will I do (not what can I) to work on one of my goals today?” As you move along your journey, remember to pay back those that have helped you along the way.

Make a list of your most important accomplishments in the past 6 months. You will see you have made a difference. Believe you are making progress. What you think about, you bring about. Think positive and make up some affirmations to inspire you and keep you on the right track. Believe me they work. I have added some thoughts to get you started at the end of this newsletter.

Spend more time LISTENING. You will learn more and enjoy people more.

Believe in yourself and persist. There was a guy named Abe Lincoln who lost eight elections and you know where he ended up. Colonel Sanders tried over 1000 recipes before he was accepted.

Stop using the couldas, shouldas, wouldas, and if onlys. All five are probably the saddest words in the English language.

Forget “I’ll try” There is no try, either do or don’t do

Play with different ideas, ask ”Why not”, and “What-if? Believe there’s always a better way.

Appearances count. Dress the way you want to be treated. Look professional.

Develop a win-win mentality. Aim to meet both your needs and those of the other person, rather than defending you own agenda. Ask questions.

Ask for what you want, don’t hint, wish, or wait for the other person to figure out what you want. Get to the point and believe you will get it.

Positive messages come in all guises. What does your car look like? How organized are you? What impressions do your customers get of you with your paper work? Do you look successful?

Remember to send thank you notes, birthday cards, and anniversary cards. Cut out an article of interest to your customers and send it to them. Show concern for your customers as if they were a true friend.

Anticipate, Anticipate, Anticipate. Don’t just respond to customers. Meet their needs before they ask and solve their problems before they complain… give your customers more then they expect. Be Proactive, not reactive. Ask customers how you’re doing. Listen to their answers and act on them. Customers won’t not tell you if you don’t ask and then they may be gone.

People are more likely to buy from a friend than a salesman. Remember- no rapport- no sale.

Keep your boss informed on any and all problems. Remember a boss likes “no surprises” If you are about to lose a customer- tell your boss. The both of you may work it out. He is actually on your side. Make your boss look good.
Successful people don’t hate what they do. You can have fun and enjoy your work. If you don’t-get out! And find something you like to do! Dream up ideas for doing your job better, faster and differently. Make it fun. Work has the potential to add to life or subtract from it. No matter what the circumstances of your work, you can make your work life more fulfilling. It is ALL up to you. Successful people have a vision, they listen, they earn trust, they help others, they maintain humility and they have fun- So can you!




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