Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer – Great News For Women

This is great news for all women irrespective of location or age. Not surprisingly, omega 3 fish oil reduces the risk of breast cancer.

A study found that pregnant rats that were fed a diet of omega 3 fatty acids as opposed to omega 6, had female offspring that had a lower risk of getting breast cancer. It is believed that the same phenomena would apply to women.

This research was carried out by Taiwanese scientists H.M. Su and colleagues reported in the Nov 30 2009 of Journal of Nutrition and Biochemistry.

Why is this not surprising. Omega 3 fish oil is the best anti-aging supplement around. Unfortunately most people are deficient in it. This nutrient is an essential fatty acid which means that the body is unable to produce it – it has to come from one’s diet.

This nutrient has tons of research on it proving its ability to promote heart health, reduce cancer, reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes and improve IQ in children. And this is just the shortlist. More details please

What about omega 6 – why didn’t the “rats” health reactive favorably to it. Well, even though it is is an essential fatty acid, consuming too much of it promotes inflammation which is happens to both humans and rats.

Too much inflammation is a major cause of cancer and other serious diseases.

In Western diets, we eat too many omega 6s from meats, hydrogenated oil and other processed foods and too little omega 3s. This causes serious health problems

By correcting this imbalance, you’ll be doing a lot to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

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