Breaking the News of Your Engagement

Once upon a time, no young man would think of proposing to his girlfriend before asking for her father’s blessing. While there are still some men out there who follow this time-honored custom, in most cases, the bride-to-be knows of her engagement before her family, not the other way around. Therefore, it is up to the happy couple to find the best way to break the news of their engagement to their family and friends. Bristol Palin’s choice to inform her parents of her engagement in a tabloid magazine reminded us all of the wrong way to do it; here is a look at some ways which are likely to create much more pleasant family dynamics.

The first person that a woman informs of her engagement should be her parents, if for no other reason than because they will be very hurt if they hear about it second hand. Of course, they may not be the absolute first to know – many a bride will dash home to show her roommate the engagement ring, after all – but they should be told quickly enough that they feel like they were the first ones to learn of the happy news. When the bride’s parents live far away, of course she will have to share the news of her engagement by phone, but when possible, it is always best to do it in person. More details please visit:-

Some people are naturally low key, while others like to make a splash. This goes for both the newly engagement couple and their families. If the man popped the question on New Year’s Eve, his fiancee might want to cause a ripple of excitement at the annual family New Year’s Day brunch by making a big announcement. Flash the fabulous new piece of bridal jewelry, and prepare to be showered with kisses and congratulations!

Be careful, though, about making an announcement to a large family gathering without first privately informing your parents and possibly any sisters about your impending nuptials. Some mothers will be really hurt not to be the first to know, and if you have a jealous sister on your hands, her initial reaction might not be quite so pretty. Better to let that type of sister have a little time to compose herself so she can put on a happy face when the surprise announcement is made. In addition, it would be totally inappropriate to upstage someone by officially announcing your engagement at a party in their honor, so never do it at an event like a birthday party, baby shower, or so on. Holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving dinner are just fine.

If your family has a large circle of friends, a formal engagement party can be a fun way to share your good news. The immediate families of the bride and groom would already know of course, but the extended circle of family and friends can be invited to a party hosted by the bride’s parents with no stated purpose. Then, once everyone has arrived, the bride’s father can announce that his little girl is now engaged to be married to a wonderful man. If he is a sentimental dad, he might even want to present his daughter with a very special piece of bridal jewelry to wear for her wedding at this time. Not only does the surprise engagement party have a great element of drama with the big reveal, it is an easy way to avoid the concern of guests feeling obligated to bring an engagement gift (the custom is that no presents are brought to an engagement party, but some people cannot stand to show up empty-handed).

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