Many Senators are Said to be Closet Homosexuals; News Report Cannot be True?

Recently I read reports on the Internet and then I met another person at a coffee shop and both of them had confirmed that many senators are said to be closet homosexuals. In fact many lobbyists are known to be gay and they are actually prostitutes hired by corporations and the main goal is to get with the senatorial staffers in a very personal way.

Often Senators and their staff will go to strategic planning meetings, which is a simple name for going out of the local pub in charging drinks on taxpayers money using government credit cards. At these meetings they will be joined by gay prostitutes hired by corporations as lobbyists and work very hard to get something straight between them on a particular issue that the Senator will be voting on.1. Choose your topics wisely. Remember, you should only be writing about newsworthy and current stories that your target readers will find interesting. In any given day, there are a lot of stories that you can write but choose only those that will grab your audience by the throat. More details please visit:-

Many senators are said to be closet homosexuals and one has to ask if these news reports are actually true. Many people who work in Washington D.C. say that they are. My personal opinion; I do believe that many senators are closet homosexuals and I know their staffers to be because you can tell when you call them on the phone by their lisps.

It is unfortunate that the homosexual community is only 2 percent of our population yet seems to represent a huge percentage of the number of Senators and the number of people on their staff and the incredible number of them who work in Washington D.C.. It would make sense that if two percent of our population is gay, then two percent of the people who work in Washington D.C. would be homosexuals, we need to demand fair and equitable ratios, after all isn’t that what the liberals preach?

We seem to have a problem in Washington D.C. with the ratio of homosexuals to straight people and straight people seem to becoming a minority there, this is not fair. In fact something needs to be done about it. Please consider this in 2006.

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