Some Bad News About Affirmations You May Not Know

As we progress though our lives we are always affirming our thoughts and beliefs. Every single day you are consciously and unconsciously telling yourself things that are based upon your belief system.

However, the problem comes in when you reaffirm negative instead of positive thoughts. This is the bad news you need to know about affirmations. When they are negative in nature you really can’t expect anything but negative outcomes.

Ask yourself how often you tell yourself that you’re stupid because you forgot something or that you’re fat because your favorite pair of jeans feel tighter.

When we succumb to negative thinking we are reinforcing our internal belief that we are unable to change and we are condemned to continue to repeat our self-defeating behaviors. We become ensnared in a cycle of negative thinking.

But think for a moment how your life could be different if you used affirmations that rather reinforced the positive.

When used properly affirmations can work wonders! All that is needed are a few easy adjustments to the manner in which you phrase your internal dialog. You can use this powerful method to alter your way of thinking and to change your life.

Because our subconscious mind takes things on a literal basis it is necessary for your affirmations to work, to follow an easy formula. More details please visit:-

The following tips will help you to craft positive affirmations that will change your life:

1. The subconscious must know that you are doing something this moment – it can’t be future oriented. For instance, if you word your affirmation as something that you wish to change, for example: “I will stop smoking”, your subconscious is unable to distinguish the meaning of “I will”.

It cannot plan for the future. Rather, the subconscious mind accepts what it is told even though the behavior is yet to occur. This is why affirmations must be stated as if they are already fact.

“I no longer desire to smoke” – this is an example of an effective affirmation and this will program your subconscious into thinking like a non-smoker before you have even put down your pack of smokes.

2. In order for the subconscious mind to accept the affirmation it needs to be personal. Saying something like: “You must follow a healthy diet” will not result in any changes. This is because when the subconscious hears “you” it cannot see that it’s a statement that’s directed at yourself.

Your affirmation needs to be in the first person which means you need to use “I” instead of “you”. By doing so you will soon see a strong positive impact on your behavior.

“I like eating healthy food” is a great example of a positively worded first person affirmation. It is going to result in you improving your choices when it comes to eating a meal or snack.

3. The subconscious is very literal and doesn’t process the idea of “not”. Hence, the affirmation, “I’m not going to laze around watching television when I should be doing exercises” simply will not work other than to re-affirm that you should lie around watching TV!

“I like exercising in my spare time” will more likely get you motivated to get moving and go off to the gym rather than reaching for your remote and unhealthy snacks.

For affirmations to powerfully change your subconscious and affect your behavior in a positive way they need to be positive, personal, and in the present tense.

Commit yourself to cease reinforcing old and negative thinking which simply keeps you in a rut. Instead, use these three easy techniques now to create your own affirmations that will not only alter your subconscious programming but your actions and your life – all for the better.

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