Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – The Structure of Typical News Copies

There are few basic rules for structuring and writing news stories. If you’re used to writing web articles or fiction stories, these rules may seem odd at first. But don’t worry as the format is very straightforward and is easy to pick up. Keep in mind that reporters have very practical reasons for following this specific structure and format for decades.

1. Use the inverted pyramid technique. This is one writing technique that you must always utilize when writing news stories. This simply means presenting all the good stuff at the top. Tell your readers what your story is all about on your first paragraph. Anticipate all their questions and strive to answer them. The rule here is that you need to make sure that these people will get a clear picture of your topic even if they choose not to read the rest of your article. More details please

2. Captivating headline. It’s also very important that you use eye-catching headline for each of your news copies. Use something that will make your target audience want to read your articles. Help your editors save some space by making your headlines short, to the point, but very powerful. Carefully pick the words that you’re going to use. It will be great if they can evoke action or if they can target your readers’ emotional hot buttons.

3. Article body. This consists of the paragraphs after your lead paragraph. In here, you can discuss supporting details that will further build your story. You’re also allowed to use images and quotes from people who were involved in the situation that you’re covering.

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