Pay to Read News Online?

It is not a new concept, It is not even something that has not been done before. What is it? It is the buzz going around that companies may start charging people to access and read the news! Who is behind this crazy change that may come to the world wide web soon? Newspapers and magazines have the most to gain from charging people to read their articles online. For a number of years now these companies have been struggling to survive in a world where information online is so readily available that they have seen fewer and fewer sales of their paper versions. Other companies have also begun to look at this idea of charging for content to visitors. So why would they do this? It all comes down to one simple fact. More and more information can be found online for free. Due to this proliferation of free information, companies that rely on making money from news are hurting more and more. Also even though all this information is usually plastered with ads not enough of us humble internet users are clicking on those ads and buying products to make up for the lack of sales in real world papers and magazines. So where is all this leading us? Will we have to pay to start visiting websites that contain important information and things that interest us? Well here is my take on how things should or could be. More details please visit:-

The internet or world wide web or whatever you want to call it is wild animal. It seeks to devour all information and ideas that are out there from everyone and everything. This is a good thing though because as a result individuals, families and businesses both small and large have gained access to virtually anything they could ever want or need. As a result we have seen a boom in the variety of products and services available world wide including in areas that would be hard pressed to gain access to even basic necessities. We have also seen the world open up in the form of communication. Today people are meeting and getting to know more people than anyone ever has been able to before. Online communities and website have allowed us all to be closer to each other whether it be just within the family, friends, or even different cultures. So when it comes to a few companies wanting to charge for their information I think it will prove a bad direction for them to go. For one thing, even if they try to protect that information from leaking out beyond their own domains there are so many other choices out there that readers will just go elsewhere. In the end they will be left with just those loyal readers that prefer to get their news from a favored writer or in a certain format.

No matter what becomes of world of advertising and business we can be sure that the world wide web won’t be going anywhere! I am sure it will change and grow in many ways and maybe even morph into a totally new experience for all of us as the world continues to change in ideas and technology. That is what makes the internet so fascinating though, and so alluring to almost everyone. So will i pay to read an article or find some information? Certainly; because I already am paying for it by using the internet through my local provider just as is almost everyone else in the world. Will I pay anything extra to access information from certain companies? Who knows; I guess it just depends on how bad I want it and if I can find the information elsewhere. What will choose to do?

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