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There’s a very cool website that has news links to newspapers in every corner of the globe. We’re not talking about just the big, influential countries, either. This site has links to virtually any country you can think of and many you may not have even known existed.

Have you ever heard of Zaman? Why not? It’s a large African newspaper that’s published in a number of African nations. At least, it appears to be. Anyway, on March 14, 2010, they ran an article about how the Turkish President, who happened to be on the verge of visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo, made a statement that he considered Africa to be a major strategic partner with Turkey and was going to hold high level talks with a number of African dignitaries.

That may not be enormously big news to you, but it will be to people in Turkey, the Congo and other African nations. The point is, reading newspapers from far-flung countries is a great way to learn to truly “think globally.” We in the western countries see the world only through our own lens. While our wealthy and powerful countries have an enormous impact on other countries, we remain ignorant of what’s really important to them. More details please visit:-

Have you ever heard of Kiribati? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This tiny Micronesian island has heard of itself, though. It doesn’t look like they have their own newspaper, but a quick look at what was available there revealed a press release that reported that the United Nations Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor considers Kiribati, an island nation comprised of 91,500 citizens, to be a reasonably democratic society, though it has some problems in the area of women’s and children’s rights.

In the latest news headlines, a letter to the editor of the Muskegon News in the state of Michigan suggested that the state’s new medical marijuana laws did not need fixing. The law allowing the use of medical marijuana was passed less than a year ago and already conservative elements in the state are calling for more restrictions. They want to make it illegal for individuals who have been given permission to use marijuana for medicinal purposes to grow their own. The letter argues that this is just a ploy on the part of the corporate suppliers to corner the market. Those who want to make the restriction argue that the users may start selling their marijuana.

Can you see how paying a visit to this website could conceivably expand your intellectual and maybe even spiritual horizons? While we like to believe we have a “free press” and get unbiased news from sources like CNN, we only get what these sources want to tell us and even then it’s seen through American eyes. Check it out. It’s called hughpages.

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